Upcoming Events:


Fitting Hearing Aids for Different Languages

We are pleased to offer this unique eLearning opportunity with Marshall Chasin. This 60 minute course will discuss possible considerations for improving speech comprehension when programming hearing instruments for different languages. Please note that this is a one time live event, so do not miss out on this unique opportunity!

Continuing Education Information : AHIP/1.0; CAA/1.0; CASLPA/1.0; IHS/1.0


Please join us for one of our upcoming live sessions where we will help you to prepare your classrooms for Roger, the new digital standard in wireless technology! After attending this session, you will understand all of the unique benefits that Roger offers compared to both Dynamic and Traditional FM and you will know how to transition your students to Roger. We will also review some case studies.

Continuing Education Information : AHIP/1.0; CAA/1.0; CASLPA/1.0


Did you miss the Advances in Audiology Conference?

Visit our website to view some of these recorded sessions and earn CEUs as you learn. Here is a sneak peek of what courses we are offering:

Susan Scollie
PhD, University of Western Ontario

Frequency Lowering Hearing Aids: New Techniques for Fitting.
Click here to view.


Nina Kraus
PhD, Northwestern University

Assessing the Cognitive Auditory System in Humans: Spotlight on Hearing in Noise. Click here to view.


Larry Humes
PhD, Indiana University

Evidence Regarding the Effectiveness of Hearing Aids in Older Adults.
Click here to view.



In addition to these Live events we also have a variety of Recorded and CEU approved courses on our website. Click here to participate in these sessions and to begin collecting your CEUs for 2013.