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Dear Lyric fitters,

With the release of our newest fitting software Target 2.1, we are pleased to bring you the following new functionalities that add convenience and simplicity to your Lyric fittings and portal entries:

  1. New precalculation of settings for better spontaneous acceptance and less need for fine tuning:
    • 1 step reduction in Volume
    • Max Volume always set to Volume +1
    • default settings of SLG = medium, HFB = off
  2. New model Lyric2 is visible (available Fall 2012)
  3. Ability to enable a countdown beep that is audible via computer speakers while sending settings to a device
  4. New functions available in ALPS Connect (link between Phonak Target and ALPS) :
    • Tourist Case
    • Renew a Subscription

Please note: the ALPS Connect feature is now enabled by default – this feature must be disabled in order to enter device serial numbers manually!

To learn more, you can:

Download the ALPS Connect Fitting Guide  
Contact Arlene.mallari@phonak.com to set up
a live demo


And finally…as you may be aware, Canada is scheduled to receive our first stock of next generation Lyric product this coming fall. As an existing Lyric provider, you can expect to receive a VIP invitation to attend an upcoming “Lyric Refresher” course near you. These ½ day sessions will take place in September, more details to follow shortly.

We look forward to helping you promote and fit this next generation of Lyric product. Stay tuned for more details.

Best Regards
Your Lyric Team