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Lyric Platinum Club Event in Banff, AB

This past winter 26 of Canada's top Lyric providers attended a two day workshop to further their expertise in the areas of cerumen management and Lyric best practice. Over the course of the two days they were treated to presentations by industry experts including Mark Sandford (a leading Lyric fitter from the US), Dr. Jacob Johnson (ENT & medical advisor for Lyric) and Rita Chaiken (AuD, and cerumen management educator). To review Dr. Johnson's "Otoscopy and Medical Considerations" presentation:

We would like to thank our attendees for their overwhelmingly positive feedback towards this event. Please stay tuned for similar learning and networking opportunities for our top fitters in the future.

Carol's Corner

It is important for Lyric wearers to be counseled about appropriate water precautions in order to ensure device longevity... Lyric is water resistant, not water proof. Custom swim plugs can provide extra protection for those Lyric wearers who want to swim at the water's surface, provided there is no head submersion. To ensure that the medial end of the swim plug will clear the microphone area of the Lyric device, simply follow these easy steps when taking an earmold impression:

Use a Lyric sizer placed to the usual insertion depth, in place of an oto-block.
Fill the ear canal and concha with impression material, and remove with sizer attached when cured.
Mark or cut the medial end of the impression 2-3 mm from where it meets the microphone cap.

The Lyric wearer should be advised to set the device to SLEEP mode while wearing a swim plug, in order to prevent feedback.

to download Phonak's new Custom Earmold and Swim Plug order form.

Get Ready for the Launch of Lyric3!

Phonak proudly showcased the latest Lyric3 at the recent AAA conference in Orlando, FL.

to download the full story.

Stay tuned for details around the official launch of Lyric3 in Canada coming this summer.

Also coming soon: Phonak white paper on verification (REM) with Lyric !!!

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